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Enhancing safety, aesthetics, and energy-efficiency for both businesses and homes.

Armor Pane is your trusted partner in transforming glass spaces.

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“Armor Pane is a game-changer! Remarkable finish and tangible savings.”

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For over decades, Armor Pane has stood tall as a beacon of excellence in window film solutions. Seamlessly blending functionality with aesthetic finesse, we cater to both commercial giants and cozy homes. Experience the Armor Pane difference.

Unlock the Future of Windows with Armor Pane!

Armor Pane transforms your glass spaces — enhancing safety, aesthetics, and energy-efficiency. Whether it’s a skyscraper or a living room, we’ve got the perfect window solution for you!

Residential Services
  • UV protection films to block harmful rays.
  • Energy conservation films for year-round comfort.
  • Aesthetic solutions, including decorative and smart films for homes.
Commercial Services
  • Energy-efficient films for businesses, reducing HVAC costs.
  • Reinforced security films for maximum protection.
  • Decorative and smart films to boost aesthetic appeal
Top Rated Material

Our solutions fortify your windows, enhance safety, shield against UV rays, slash energy expenses, and offer even more benefits!

Why Businesses Choose Armor Pane:

Commercial Excellence

Armor Pane is proud to be a frontrunner in providing cutting-edge window film solutions tailored for New York’s commercial landscape. Be it iconic skyscrapers or chic boutiques; we redefine the way businesses perceive and utilize glass.

Energy Efficiency:

Transform your workplace with our energy-saving films, drastically cutting down utility costs while ensuring a comfortable work environment. Our clients have seen savings of up to 15% on HVAC efficiency, coupled with notable carbon footprint reductions.

Advanced Security:

With Armor Pane’s security films, businesses are fortified against unexpected break-ins, natural calamities, and more. Ensure the safety of your assets and employees, 24/7.

Enhanced Aesthetics:

From decorative to smart films, we offer a spectrum of choices to elevate the ambiance of your commercial space. Opt for the ever-versatile Smart Film, which switches between clear and frosted with just a click.

Transforming Homes, One Window at a Time:

Residential Elegance

Discover the magic of Armor Pane’s residential solutions. Engineered for the modern homeowner, our films encapsulate a blend of function and beauty.

UV Protection:

Bask in the serenity of natural light, devoid of its harmful effects. With our UV Protection films, block up to 99% of detrimental UV rays, ensuring both comfort and safety.

Energy Conservation:

Experience year-round comfort. Our films work tirelessly, keeping homes warm in winters and cool during scorching summers, all while reducing energy costs.

Aesthetic Appeal:

Seeking a quick home makeover? Dive into our array of decorative films, or opt for the Smart Film, seamlessly transitioning between transparency and privacy at your command.

Why Choose Us

Your trust is paramount. That’s why all Armor Pane products come with an extensive manufacturer guarantee.

Safe & Secure

Our solutions are designed to deter forced entries, resist impacts, and provide peace of mind against potential threats.

Premium Quality

Every product we offer undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure durability, performance, and visual appeal


With decades of experience, Armor Pane stands as a beacon in the window solutions industry, consistently ensuring excellence.

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